Six Forbidden Wonders in Far Away Places with Strange Sounding Names



Baalbek is located in Lebanon, in the Bekaa Valley, home of the Syrian-controlled Hezbollah. I'm not Jewish, but perhaps it's not the most hospitable place for an American. This is perhaps the most Forbidden place on this list, definitely Far Away, and can you say Baalbek?

The ruins at Baalbek include temples to Bacchus and to Jupiter, both built by the Romans in the first centuries A.D. on the ruins of earlier civilizations. It is the largest Roman religious complex ever built with the tallest columns ever erected. The platform for the Temple of Jupiter includes some of the largest hewn pieces of stone known to man. It is one of the best preserved Roman sites, despite a massive earthquake in 1756 that destroyed much of the surrounding countryside.

This picture is from: Baalbek Pictures

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